🧾 How to deploy token
01 Setup Wallets

Step 1: Setting up a wallet

Once you initiate the SolKit bot , you'll be guided through the wallet creation process.

Wallet Creation

Upon choosing the "Generate Wallet" option, the bot prompts you to name your wallet, then generates a brand new wallet for interactions with our bot.

Options Post-Wallet Creation

After creating your wallet, you're presented with three distinct options:

  • The Wallet You Have Just Created: Ready for your immediate use, this is the wallet generated in the previous step.
  • Referral: This option allows you to engage with our referral system, detailed in section 5 of our documentation.
  • Generate a Fresh Wallet: Should you prefer, there's also the option to generate a new wallet for your interactions.

Deploying Your Token

After selecting the wallet you wish to use, you will have the capability to deploy your very own token directly within the bot.